Lorri Glover

As the bold fathers of the American Revolution left behind their private lives to become public nation builders, what happened to their families?

Founders as Fathers; The Private Liv​es and Politics of the American Revolutionaries, explores the interplay of family values and revolutionary politics in the lives of Virginia’s—and America’s—most important founders: Patrick Henry, George Washington, George Mason, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison.   ​

- Kathleen M. Brown, University of Pennsylvania

Lorri Glover is the John Francis Bannon Endowed Chair in the Department of History at Saint Louis University. She has written about early American history from the seventeenth century to the nineteenth. ​

"...George Mason, George Washington, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison come alive as fathers of families and stewards of estates, struggling to balance their domestic responsibilities with the political demands of war, revolution, and national formation."